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Imagine… it’s the bride’s wedding day.  She’s dressed in a beautiful floor-length gown and is walking up a flight of stairs just moments before she makes her grand entrance down the aisle.  Then you hear a sickening sound: rrrrrrrip.  She’s accidentally stepped on part of the lining and ripped it.  What can you do to help?? 

This is a true story of a dear friend’s wedding, at which I was the maid of honor.  Fortunately, my mom – just call her MacGyver! – was following closely behind us.  She reached into her magic bag (OK, it was just her purse) and pulled out a small pair of scissors.  She cut away the piece of lining that ripped so the bride wouldn’t trip on it and the gorgeous day continued without another snag.

This is a good lesson to remind the bridal party to create a Bridesmaid Emergency Kit (which includes scissors).  The maid of honor can take charge and ask each bridesmaid to bring along several items on the list.  Chances are the ceremony site isn’t near a drug store so this kit will help you all be prepared for all the little headaches – literally and figuratively – on the wedding day.

The Bridesmaid Emergency Kit also includes snacks and other provisions to make sure you aren’t thirsty, ravenously hungry or dizzy for the ceremony.  Don’t forget you’ll have group photographs, a receiving line and other post-ceremony duties to complete before you can even think about eating at the reception. 

There are two items in the Bridesmaid Emergency Kit to keep you entertained – a camera and a deck of playing cards – because the wedding day is all about the “hurry up and wait” hassle.  You’ll rush to the salon for hair styling… and wait your turn.  You’ll dash to any wedding day brunches… and wait to eat.  You’ll race to the wedding ceremony location… and wait in a back room for the big event to begin.  So while you’re dressed and ready to go at the church or synagogue, make sure there are lots of smiles in the room.  Take silly photos of each other or play an easy game of cards.  Keep the bride occupied so her stomach won’t get nervous.

You’ve heard the old saying, “stuff happens,” and when it comes to a detail-filled event like a wedding, stuff is bound to happen for even the most well-prepared bride.  Bring the Bridesmaid Emergency Kit items to the ceremony (and on to the reception) so you can be the hero and help fix any glitches before the bride takes another step.

Download Bridesmaid Emergency Kit list

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